What to do!?

If you’re thinking of starting a photography business, paralell to you’re everyday job, what would you do? I’m thinking that if you make a photo book with nature and wildlife photography from your area, it might sell?

Big prints might sell? Just thinking that big prints with nice colours and/or maby a sunset or an animal. Especially if it’s from your neighborhood. Thinking that the photo clould show you how it could look like. 

Were should you advertise? Local library, go downtown and put up posters everywere, the web????? Anyone with any experience in this field? 

It would be nice if this could be reality or at least almodt reality. I have to try. Just need to straighten out some things first and figure out the economy. Maby by a lottery ticket on the way home from work today. 


5 thoughts on “What to do!?

  1. I have done Landscape and Nature photography for many years. It is hard to get into it to make money. It’s more of a hobby. If you keep adding to the blog, and you keep posting your photos on the internet I believe one day that you can get it to sell. I have had a website with my photography for several years, and I haven’t sold anything yet. I have come to the conclusion that it’s just a hobby.

    I have thought about starting to add family photographs, or weddings because those are what pay the bills, however I haven’t done that yet because I still just want to do my Landscape and Nature photography.

    • Thank you for taking your time to share. I have the same thoughts as you. It might be just a side income but even that would be nice. I agree with you and think that the only way to make money in photography is to follow the peoples demands. How about the site? In need of any changes?

      • The website is a good start. Once you have some good followers and traffic I would suggest going to a full site using It gives you more ability to modify the site and more options on plugins.

  2. If you have a camera club in your area join it! These clubs will usually have connections to local venues to display your photography. Several and I might add my only sales so far have been at these displays and also contests at State Parks which are another place to get your work seen.

    Thanks for following my site,

    • Thanks for the tip and for following my site. I´m actually in a club i my city and I´ve had some of my photos on display in the gallery at the club for the rest of the city to see. Next step is to join some contests and many try to have an exhibition in another place.
      Thanks for all the good tips from you guys. Now IjJust have to find the time, money and guts to have my own exhibition some day.

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