New camera backpack

Today is Saturday and on Monday I hope I´ll get my new camera backpack that I´ve order. Ok, it´s not new but It´s in great condition, I hope. Either way, it´s used and it´s a way to see if the concept suits me. I´ve looked in to the F-stop gear concept and I like it and now I´m waiting for the Loka. If I´ll like it I will probably order a new Tilopa or Sartori EXP for the winter.

Now it´s almost 11 pm where I´m at and the sun has set a long time ago. Out in the fields and in the forrest the mist is starting to take form and I´ll think I need to go out and have a look. Since I fell asleep for 2h in the sofa tonight I´m all set for a night in the field looking for wildlife. While walking my dog 2h ago I saw 2 deers, yesterday I saw 4 hares, a fox and a deer, so I think the chances for wildlife will be good.

Tomorrow you´ll se the results of my night shoot and hopefully it will be some nice wildlife shots and not just nature shots.

To all of you to the far east and far west… good morning and god day. To all of you Swedes, good night.


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