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Two new lenses in my kit

First of all, this is not a review, it´s more of a first impressions summary. I started by upgrading my old Sigma 120-400 to the 150-600. I loved my old lens but wanted the newer lens with new technology. The other lens is more of a attempt to use the fisheye´s extreme angle of view and the effect it makes to create different kind of landscape and nature photos.

The Sigma 150-600 Sports is a heavy piece of machinery but i like it. To be able to handle it I also got the Sirui P324 S monopod. Yesterday I took this combo out for a walk down to the lake to watch the birds. Got to see some nice birds and a beautiful swan. Next time I´ll bring another pair of shoes so that I can get closer to the birds and not worrying about the wet mud.

Here are some bird shots and by clicking the photo you´ll see a slightly bigger version.

tofsvipa 2 fh - wp Tofsvipa - wp Swan FH - wp birdie - wp


I said two lenses and I´ve already said the word fisheye so what´s the other lens you´ll ask yourself. Well, it´s the Samyang 12mm 2,8 Fisheye. Love the lens but I think it will take some time to get to know it and to learn how to work with it. These are the two first photos with the 12mm.

rapsåker 12mm2,8 raps + allé fh - wpThe goal was to try to make an artistic and extreme sunset photo of the fields and the road.

Summary: first impressions of the Sigma 150-600, the Samyang 12mm 2,8 and the Sirui P324 S monopod is that I´ll never leave home without them… and a couple of batteries. Paired with my griped D600 I think it´s great. Also have the Nikkor 16-35 F4 VR and at the moment with the genre of photos I´m taking I think I´m all set. The only thing missing now is a nice bag to carry it around in.

This is it for now. I´ll try to post at least 3 times a week and more frequently if I´m of work and have time to shoot. Since I´ve moved out to the country side I´ve found my way back to nature after living in the city for 15-20 years. I hope this results in some great photos.





Sea gull - wp

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The sun is a great light source


Duva 2 - wp

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Rödhuvad dykand - wp

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Beautiful bird